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Rewards Points

Program Description


The DHC Rewards Points program awards points to customers for purchases and customer referrals. Points are redeemable for free products through the DHC Rewards Store. Click here to see complete Terms and Conditions. Please check back for updates as this program may change from time to time without notice.

Earning Points

Purchasing products

  • You earn 5 points for every $1.00 spent on products purchased directly from DHC.
  • Point awards are generally calculated on the product total before tax and shipping and after promotional discounts are applied.
  • Purchases of gift certificates do not count toward points earning.

Bonus points
Bonus points can be earned by participating in special promotions. The number of bonus points offered will be specified in each promotion. For example:

  • First purchase: When you make your first purchase of any size direct from DHC, you automatically receive triple the point value of your order. Please note that triple point awards for first-time purchasers are not combinable with bonus point days and may not be combinable with other offers.   
  • Featured products: Earn bonus points for purchasing a featured product. Sign up for DHC email promotions so you don’t miss them.
  • Bonus point days: Earn bonus points for orders placed on designated days. Bonus point days will be announced via the DHC website and via email (to DHC email subscribers). Check the and your inbox regularly to learn about bonus point days.  
  • Share & Save customer referrals: If you refer a friend or family member to DHC, you will receive the point value of their first order. Remember, first purchases made by your friend or family member are eligible for the triple point awards. 
    • Share & Save benefits apply to first-time purchase only.
    • Referrals must be non-customers.
    • Referrers must be existing DHC customers.
    • Benefits do not apply to persons sharing your address.

All other conditions for our Share & Save program also apply. Please click here to read the Share & Save program conditions.

Points Balance

You can view your point balance by logging into your DHC online account. You may also call us at 1.800.DHC.CARE (342.2273) and one of our Call Center Advisors can inform you of your point balance. Additionally, point balances are printed on invoices. Please allow up to 24 hours for new transactions to be posted to your account.

Redeeming Points: DHC Rewards Store

  • Use your Rewards Points to purchase products from the DHC Rewards Store. The DHC Rewards Store is accessible through the DHC website via your DHC online account. Please note, you must register for an online account to access the DHC Rewards Store through our website. You may also call us at 1.800.DHC.CARE to redeem your Rewards Points over the phone.
  • Special sets and gift certificates are not available through the DHC Rewards Store.
  • Each product in the DHC Rewards Store is assigned a point price. You may purchase a product from the DHC Rewards Store as long as you have enough points to cover the entire point price of that product. Points cannot be used as partial payment.
  • To see the current point prices for any product, visit the DHC Rewards Store via your DHC online account, or call us at 1.800.DHC.CARE.
    • Point prices are only available through the DHC Rewards Store.
    • Point prices will change from time to time and are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • Points may be redeemed online at the DHC Rewards Store, accessible through your DHC online account, or by calling 1.800.DHC.CARE.
  • There is no minimum amount required for redemption; however you must be able to cover the entire point price of the desired product.   


  • Rewards Points can be used to pay your shipping fees. If your points value is sufficient to cover your shipping costs, you will automatically be given the option to pay using this method.
  • Rewards Points will be deducted as follows for shipping fees:
    • 450 points for economy shipping
    • 750 points for standard shipping
    • 1650 points for 2-day shipping
    • 2350 points for overnight shipping
    • If order total is $85 or more, all shipping totals will be reduced by 450 points

  • If paying cash, standard shipping fees apply to points purchases. The shipping fee for each order is based on the current retail price of the product. The current retail prices of products purchased with points are combined with cash purchases (if any) to determine shipping fee or free shipping. Please click here to see our Shipping policy.
  • Points-only purchases from the DHC Rewards Store qualify for free economy shipping if the retail price of the products purchased equals $85 or more.
  • Expedited shipping is available for points purchases from the DHC Rewards Store. Current fees and conditions apply. Please click here to see our Shipping policy.


Please note that currently, items purchased from the DHC Rewards Store are not subject to sales tax. However, in the event that taxes do apply, customers are responsible for all applicable taxes. 

Other Conditions

  • Points-only redemption orders cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Points are not redeemable for cash.
  • Points are not transferable.
  • Expiration: Points expire 6 months from the date of the order on which points were earned unless a qualifying purchase is made within that time. Any unexpired points already in your account will receive a new expiration date every time you make a qualifying purchase. The new expiration date will be 6 months from the date of the qualifying purchase.

  • Qualifying transactions other than a purchase that re-date points:

    • Share & Save: When you receive points as a result of a referral under our Share & Save program, your point balance expiration date is extended from the date your friend makes their first purchase.

  • Transactions that do not re-date points:

    • Points-only purchases
    • Merchandise returns
    • Sample-only orders

  • Discounts (including Share & Save, Loyalty or promotion codes) are not applicable to products purchased from the Rewards Store (e.g., customers cannot receive percentage discounts off point prices).
  • Points cannot be earned on purchases made with points.


On earned points:

If you exchange or return a product for which you have earned points, points will be awarded or subtracted from your account based on the adjusted subtotal.

On redeemed points:

If you return a product that you purchased with points, all the conditions of the DHC 60-day refund/exchange policy apply and your points balance will be adjusted accordingly unless otherwise stated.